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Less noticed WWDC news

With all of the talk about the new MacBook Pros and the Operating Systems that were displayed there were a few other things that you might have missed.

MacBook Pro 17″ Discontinued

I haven’t actually heard any official statement from Apple on this but the Apple site and store no longer say anything about the 17″ model. If you have been thinking about buying one, you better scoop one up as quick as you can, cause it doesn’t look like they are going to make it any longer.

New Airport Express

Apple has replaced the standard in wall plug brick that looks like an albino AppleTV. The dimensions of the new device match the currently shipping Apple Hobby device. The new Airport Express is now a much more viable product offering dual bands with concurrent running Public and private wireless networking, airplay, printer sharing. Unless you need to have a HD hooked up or you need the LAN ports, there isn’t any reason to spend the extra cash on the Extreme.

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