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The waiting is the hardest part

While we here at “The Mac Shop” love us some old Macs, we do need apple to release New Macs so that we can service them later. The last time the MacPro, which we know a lot of our Professional clients use, was updated was in July of 2010. That is almost two years ago. I can not remember a time when apple took so long to refresh their top of the line products.

We are are not the only ones taking notice. Information Week’s Kurt Marko this week wrote an article about the growing uprising of Professional users who have been waiting and waiting for an update to upgrade their aging systems. Using social media, people like Lou Borella have taken the argument to apple itself with the normal lack of response (Apple does not discuss future products.)

With apples focus of late being on their INSANELY popular iOS devices along with the discontinuing of Xserve and the “dumbing-down” of the industry standard Final Cut video software suite, many in the Professional Macintosh community is asking: “Has Apple Inc. forgotten about Apple Computers?”.

Some Macintosh loyalist are expecting news this month on or before the company’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), which starts on June 11th, but many “analysts” see no hints of when the long awaited refresh will happen. We hope it’s soon.