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If these walls could boot-up

How do you say “I am a true Mac Geek” in a tasteful way. Try hanging up a classily framed piece of history.

We have added a Macintosh SE and a Macintosh 128k mother board to our walls. We think they look great in our shop, but would look even better in your office. Stop by and have a look for yourself.



Looking for a Mac Pro?

Do you have an older PowerMac G5 and are looking to upgrade?   Looking for the ultimate in performance for your creative needs?   Look no further!  We have a couple of 3.0GHZ Quad Core Mac Pro’s loaded with 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive!  All for $1999 each.  Please call or send us an email if interested.   Quantity is limited and at this price, they won’t be here for long.