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As many of you know, last October, Apple introduced a new option for hard drive configuration on selected models of Macs. It combines the speed of solid state memory drives with the less expensive and larger traditional hard drives. They called it Fusion Drive.

What you might not realize, is that you might be able to give you this same option for your existing Mac. Last Month, John Paul installed a fusion Drive upgrade on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro. It is Hands down the greatest upgrade he has ever done for me. My MBP now only does 1 and half start up circles when booting. Apps seem to launch instantly and Mail and iPhoto have the energy and responsiveness that I have never seen before on any Mac I have owned. One of our long TIme customers, Amadu, and one of our first Fusion Drive recipients agrees that this was one of the best upgrade ever.

So whats the catch?

The solid state memory takes up the connection port used by the superdrive. I always hate when somebody takes something away, even though I haven’t used a CD or DVD in years.

FEAR NOT! John Paul can save your antiquated old SuperDrive and stick it in a sexy slim USB house so you can have access to it when you need it.

Fusion Drive Upgrade

We can you provide you with a complete Fusion Drive solution, starting at around $200, complete with installation, data migration to the new drive and the SuperDrive USB case.

Stop in and talk to John Paul about what would be best for you and your needs.

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Mountain Lion IconToday Apple officially released their 8th (if you don’t count the public beta) major revision of their darwin based operating system. OS X Mountain Lion mostly just adds iOS like capabilities to the Macintosh platform, with few exceptions. (My favorite feature is the ability to share your screen to an TV.

As with any OS upgrade, please read the system requirements and BACK UP EVERYTHING before you install it.

If you have have any question or concerns about this upgrade feel free to ask us. We are here to help.

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In Case you didn’t make it to WWDC

This year’s WWDC sold out in record time. A ton of people who would have loved to attend were unable to simply due to the column of attendees.

This year due to the demand of education for the platform Apple has posted videos of over 100 sessions from WWDC 2012. If you have ever wanted to learn more about developing for the Mac or even the iOS, here is a great place to start. its completely free.
WWDC Videos

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Less noticed WWDC news

With all of the talk about the new MacBook Pros and the Operating Systems that were displayed there were a few other things that you might have missed.

MacBook Pro 17″ Discontinued

I haven’t actually heard any official statement from Apple on this but the Apple site and store no longer say anything about the 17″ model. If you have been thinking about buying one, you better scoop one up as quick as you can, cause it doesn’t look like they are going to make it any longer.

New Airport Express

Apple has replaced the standard in wall plug brick that looks like an albino AppleTV. The dimensions of the new device match the currently shipping Apple Hobby device. The new Airport Express is now a much more viable product offering dual bands with concurrent running Public and private wireless networking, airplay, printer sharing. Unless you need to have a HD hooked up or you need the LAN ports, there isn’t any reason to spend the extra cash on the Extreme.

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Steve Jobs: The Lost interview

This weekend at Theatre N in Wilmington, Friday the 15th at 2pm, Saturday the 16th at 1&8pm, and Sunday at 12:15pm.

Steve Jobs Interview

“In 1995, during the making of his TV series Triumph of the Nerds about the birth of the PC, Bob Cringely did a memorable hour-long interview with Steve Jobs.

It was 10 years since Jobs had left Apple following a bruising struggle with John Sculley, the CEO he had brought into the company. At the time of the interview Jobs was running NeXT, the niche computer company he had founded after leaving Apple.

During the interview, Jobs was at his charismatic best – witty, outspoken, visionary. In the end, only a part of the interview was used in the series and the rest was thought lost. But recently a VHS copy was found in the series director’s garage. Now, cleaned up with modern technology, and put into context by Cringely, the entire interview will be screened in Landmark Theatres.

In the interview Jobs talks about his pioneering days with Steve Wozniak, when they built a Blue Box and phoned the Pope; how they – “two guys who didn’t know much” — assembled the first Apple computer and went on to found the Apple company. “I was worth around a million dollars when I was 23, over 10 million dollars when I was 24 and over 100 million dollars when I was 25 – and it wasn’t really important!” Jobs recalls the visits he made to Xerox Palo Alto Research Center and how it inspired the making of the Macintosh, the world’s first modern PC, when he was “on a mission from God to save Apple.” He talks frankly and sadly about his enforced departure from Apple and explains what he is doing at NeXT (which he would soon sell to Apple and whose software would then be at the heart of the first iMac’s operating system). Finally in spell-binding terms, he offers his vision of a digital future – a world of wonderful products created by artists and poets.

It is an interview that reveals the burning passion of Steve Jobs, a passion that would go on to give us the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone and the iPad. As a tribute to an amazing man, Landmark is proud to be screening Steve Jobs – the Lost Interview.” ..learn more about the film..

For Showtimes and location please visit




Linkedin Passwords Stolen.

This is just a courtesy announcement to any of our subscribers to inform you that the Professional Networking site has been hacked and 6.5 MILLION users’ personal info including easily decrypted passwords have been posted on a russian Hacker forum.

We suggest that if you are a member of Linkedin, and you use a common password, to change any profiles on any service or device that uses that common password.

For further reading you can read the entire article at



The End is Near (very near).

On June 30th, 2012 Apple will be permanently shutting down the server racks that house the old MobileMe services, which include iWeb, MobileMe Email and iCal services, and my personal favorite, iDisk. For a number of users this means finding alternatives to services that have been relied on for years; to help ease the pain we have compiled this list of potential fixes.


If you have a .Mac or .me email account and do not plan on migrating to iCloud DON’T WORRY. You can keep you email for free regardless of platform. You will simply need to manually enter in your IMAP or POP servers into your setup and your email will continue to work as if nothing every changed.

iCal and Addresses:

We suggest, if you can not upgrade to iCloud, Google has some great products that make it easy to manage and share calendars and addresses. Google allows you to import from a file and supports the same file formats that iCal and Address uses for exports. Its free and easily managed.

Photo Gallery

flickr offers a great service for sharing photos and iPhoto can sync directly to your flickr account. Plus Flickr has iOS apps for all of your mobile devices.


There is no easy way to say this, so I am just going to put it out there. If you use iWeb to house your website you’re gonna have to get a new hosting service. There are several hosting platforms that market to the Macintosh customer. We can’t suggest any one particular platform, but you can Google to find some hosting solutions to meet your particular needs.


IDisk was one of the greatest services Apple has ever provided. It wasn’t that helpful to me in the beginning, but with the advent of iPhone and iPad along with my personal growing collection of computers, iDisk has become an integral part of my day to day operation. I personally haven’t found a suitable replacement, but here are a few things that might get you by. First is Evernote. Its a great service / app that allows you to keep a ton of information in a convenient way and allows you to access your stuff from anywhere on any platform or device. Second is more of a file system like service called DropBox. Dropbox is brilliant and free, but only for 2gb, which fill up fast. You can purchase more space for a price, but it will cost you more than MobileMe.

We can help

While we hope that this list was helpful to you. We also want to let you know that you don’t have to do it alone. You can contact us to set up a private session with a trained professional and you’ll be saying “MobileWho?” in no time.

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The waiting is the hardest part

While we here at “The Mac Shop” love us some old Macs, we do need apple to release New Macs so that we can service them later. The last time the MacPro, which we know a lot of our Professional clients use, was updated was in July of 2010. That is almost two years ago. I can not remember a time when apple took so long to refresh their top of the line products.

We are are not the only ones taking notice. Information Week’s Kurt Marko this week wrote an article about the growing uprising of Professional users who have been waiting and waiting for an update to upgrade their aging systems. Using social media, people like Lou Borella have taken the argument to apple itself with the normal lack of response (Apple does not discuss future products.)

With apples focus of late being on their INSANELY popular iOS devices along with the discontinuing of Xserve and the “dumbing-down” of the industry standard Final Cut video software suite, many in the Professional Macintosh community is asking: “Has Apple Inc. forgotten about Apple Computers?”.

Some Macintosh loyalist are expecting news this month on or before the company’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC), which starts on June 11th, but many “analysts” see no hints of when the long awaited refresh will happen. We hope it’s soon.



That’s SIR Jonathan to you!!

It’s official, Jonathan Ive (formerly know as Jonny during the Jobs era) in now Sir Jonathan Ive. The apple industrial design guru was knighted today in Buckingham Palace, by Princess Anne.

In an interview in “The Telegraph“, Ive describes his work at apple by saying “Our products are tools and we don’t want design to get in the way. We’re trying to bring simplicity and clarity, we’re trying to order the products.”

We at The Mac Shop would like to congratulate Sir Ive on his honors and thank him for his years of making all of our lives better through his intuitive designs.

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I am IRON Mac

In light of last weekend’s huge blockbuster performance of “The Avengers”. We here at the Mac Shop just wanted to remind you that the Mac Community has always been behind Stark Industries.

Check out this video from 1984!

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