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I am Spartacus!!!

I am Spartacus!

In 1997 Apple Computer released a 20th Anniversary Mac. Producing 12,000 units these little status symbols retailed for $7,499. These things are awesome with features that were revolutionary at the time of release.

According to Wikipedia, this machine is limited by it PPC 603e processor that will not allow you to install Mac OS X on it with out “bricking” it. We have John Paul, and he disagrees.

Come by the shop and see for your self this piece of apple history.

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I recently upgraded my iPhone4 up to iOS 6. I quickly realized that my custom ringtones were no longer accessible. When I went and looked in my iTunes and they were still there, but for some reason not syncing with my iPhone even though I had the “Sync Tones” selected in the “Tones” tab on my iPhone under the Devices list.

My Solution:

Deselect the “Sync Tones” in your sync options and sync the phone. (You may get a warning about losing the tones on your phone. that is okay as long as you have copy in your iTunes folder).

After the sync is complete, reselect the “Sync Tones” in your sync options and sync the phone again.

That worked for me.

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