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As many of you know, last October, Apple introduced a new option for hard drive configuration on selected models of Macs. It combines the speed of solid state memory drives with the less expensive and larger traditional hard drives. They called it Fusion Drive.

What you might not realize, is that you might be able to give you this same option for your existing Mac. Last Month, John Paul installed a fusion Drive upgrade on my mid-2010 MacBook Pro. It is Hands down the greatest upgrade he has ever done for me. My MBP now only does 1 and half start up circles when booting. Apps seem to launch instantly and Mail and iPhoto have the energy and responsiveness that I have never seen before on any Mac I have owned. One of our long TIme customers, Amadu, and one of our first Fusion Drive recipients agrees that this was one of the best upgrade ever.

So whats the catch?

The solid state memory takes up the connection port used by the superdrive. I always hate when somebody takes something away, even though I haven’t used a CD or DVD in years.

FEAR NOT! John Paul can save your antiquated old SuperDrive and stick it in a sexy slim USB house so you can have access to it when you need it.

Fusion Drive Upgrade

We can you provide you with a complete Fusion Drive solution, starting at around $200, complete with installation, data migration to the new drive and the SuperDrive USB case.

Stop in and talk to John Paul about what would be best for you and your needs.

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Mountain Lion IconToday Apple officially released their 8th (if you don’t count the public beta) major revision of their darwin based operating system. OS X Mountain Lion mostly just adds iOS like capabilities to the Macintosh platform, with few exceptions. (My favorite feature is the ability to share your screen to an TV.

As with any OS upgrade, please read the system requirements and BACK UP EVERYTHING before you install it.

If you have have any question or concerns about this upgrade feel free to ask us. We are here to help.

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Updated MacPro (kinda)

Today Apple quietly updated their offering for the Top of the line MacPro. The Top of the line MacPro’s price has dropped as well a modest speed bump. the processors are still the same old “Westfield” chip set.

The last update to the update to the MacPro was in July of 2010 with a large amount of professional users left asking “what up with that?”. There are however, signs pointing to a dramatic changes in the MacPro coming up in 2013 with a Mac Rumors report that one of their users quoting a supposed email from Tim Cook himself saying “Our pro customers are really important to us…don’t worry as we’re working on something really great for later next year.”

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Final Cut Pro has been updated

Apple has released the a new version of Final Cut Pro. It would appear that Apple has done away with the whole “Studio” and are combining most of the features directly into the Final Cut Pro application, with the exception of the Motion and Compressor add-ons which are $49.99 each.

The new “Final Cup Pro X” brings great improvement so media organization and previewing as well as a new magnetic timeline. Final Cut Pro X is available from the app store for $299.99.

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Mozilla releases Firefox 4

What’s new in Firefox 4? Take a look for yourself.

You can download Firefox 4 @

With So much focus on the new iPad2, many folks are missing the release of a new developer release of Apple’s up coming OS, due out “this summer”.