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At The Mac Shop Inc. it is our belief that “the most important thing about your computer is what you do on it” and that is why our first concern will always be your data. Our best advice for a potential at risk data situation is – call us. All too ¬†often a computer user tries to correct a possible problem only to find their data is then lost for good. Our best chance to recover your at risk data is in the state when you originally started to experience a problem. To ensure the best chance of a successful recovery bring your machine to us so we can put our 15+ years of experience to work making sure your valuable data is recovered safely.


The most you will ever pay at The Mac Shop Inc. for a successful data recovery is $159. We will transfer your data onto a different machine for you or for a fee we can provide you with a fresh internal or external hard drive for your data. If you need to send an under warranty hard drive back to Apple we will make sure your data is backed up and secure so you don’t risk any further loss and since we don’t need to open up your drive your warranty remains intact. If for any reason we are unable to get your data back you will only pay a $39 dollar attempt fee for time. Partial recoveries are sometimes possible so we will do all we can to save what we can.

Back Up

If you have experienced a data loss situation you know how devastating it can be and that is why we cannot stress enough how important backing up your data is. We offer several different back up options and would be happy to help find a solution that would work for you.

if you have a potential data recovery situation or would like to learn more about backing up your data give us a call at 888-947-MACS or email us at